About You

You are a man who grew up without your father.  You probably don't talk about it much and aren't completely aware of all the ways it has impacted your life.
At the same time you will probably recognize the following symptoms of growing up fatherless:

  • Whatever you accomplish, it is never good enough
  • You have a hard time allowing others to support you
  • You are obsessed with financial independence
  • You have very little access to your emotions
  • You don't let too many people get very close to you
  • You have a high standard for leadership in others
  • Your romantic partners want you to get angry/show emotion
  • You leave relationships before they can leave you
  • You are never caught up
  • You will help anyone else, but you never ask for help
  • You have a hard time doing nothing
  • When you do get dumped, it is unusually devastating
  • You are the nicest, most adaptable guy in the room