About the Project

The Absent Father Project is about helping men awaken to the impact of growing up fatherless so that we can transform.  My wish is that we are no longer trapped by the story that we are not good enough, unlovable, abandoned little boys.
This story keeps us from opening our hearts fully to connection and possibility. This story keeps us playing smaller than we know we are capable. This story keeps us emotionally distant and disconnected.  This story owns us.
The Absent Father Project is the beginning of a movement. Your movement and my movement... toward our highest and greatest selves.  It is the space to facilitate the realization of our potential and purpose.


  1. I was listening to one of your podcasts and I wanted to share what I have been doing with the fathers blessing.

    It has been a very powerful life changing tool. I would love to get in contact and share more.

    Papa Ray

  2. you can contact me by email RayH@ILAPnow.com