Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drama, Drama, Drama

Would you call yourself a procrastinator, while others might call you an overachiever? Do others
marvel at your achievements while you relate to yourself as lazy?

Do you need deadlines and goals to "motivate" yourself and keep you from complete withdrawal?

Lots of questions here, but what we are really looking at is what drives you. Recently, I have uncovered how much I am driven by drama. People wouldn't neccesarily call me dramatic, but I thrive on drama. Drama in my finances, drama in my fitness, drama in my eating, even drama in going to the bathroom.

What I mean by drama is that I'm constantly running from a cycle of achieve/avoid/achieve/avoid/achieve/avoid.  It's like I need the drama in order to take action. If I don't see the immediate payoff I put it off.