Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do You Constantly Compare Yourself to Others?

Do you compare yourself to everyone, everywhere on everything?  Are you always on top or on bottom,
ahead or behind, in any given scenario?

Take a look, most of us create comparisons in every moment. "They are more successful than me, I am more successful than them."  "I'm better at my job than them, but not better than so and so."  "I make more money,"  "They're richer and luckier,"  "I have a better, car, house, furniture, boat, vacation..." or, "I don't have a better house, car, vacation so that makes me crap and I need to do more, to get that, so I can be as good as them."  "She is so skinny."  "At least I'm not as fat as her."

It's pretty nasty, and it feels pretty nasty when we do it on the inside.

We compare ourselves to others as a form of protection.  It keeps us in the middle, safely protected from our own greatness and safely protected from our deep-rooted fears of not being good enough.

Because, being our greatness is too much to live up to, and as long as we are better than someone else we are not complete shit.

The problem with this model is that:
a.) you will never be your greatness, the fullest expression of your brilliant, divine self; and that is a tragedy
b.) you will constantly be striving and struggling to be slightly better than others while feeling like crap because you think you aren't as "good" as others
c.) you are stuck between not being complete shit and being less than your greatness, kind of like a bronze dipped pile of poop

It's like running an excruciating race for all the years of your life and realizing there is no finish line, no possibility of winning.

Stop running this insane race!

If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will never get to a place where you suddenly compare yourself to everyone else, and judge yourself at the top.  As long as you are comparing, you will always find someone or something that is "better" than you.

All of your things are empty and meaningless.

 Let your heart guide you, move you and direct you.

Fulfillment is what you seek and it can not be found in things, only in your heart and soul.

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